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Marcelot is the artist’s name of Marcelo Tomaz Galvão de Castro, born 1965 in Potim, Guaratinguetá, Brazil.

The artist discovered his artistic talent early on. In his homeland he already studied art education in Pindamonhangaba (1987-1989), with a focus on theater. As a teacher he worked in different schools. Active in Europe since 1990, he studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (1991-1997), Germany. Here he was able to find his artistic identity, and continue to develop it. In the time of his training fall numerous exhibitions that show him as a sensitive observer of the world and creative deformer of the supposedly well-known. Above all, the artist works with pre-ideas of objects and their symbolic value. His work shows a wide range; he gets his inspiration from books, conversations with friends or colleagues, music, poetry, media, etc., which he realizes in „projects“. Two of them have met with a great response from the public and the press. After studying art, he made a postgraduate in art therapy in the same institute (1997-1999). Thus, he studied in separate stages the three level of art: the educational level, the artistic level and the therapeutic level.

After completing his studies, in 2002 he accepted an invitation to work as an art therapist in a psychiatric hospital in Münsterlingen, Switzerland. The following time is marked by immersion in the human psyche. He also completed a training as a group analyst in the SGAZ (Seminar for group analysis Zurich – 2003-2007). He did not exhibit much during this phase.

Since 2009 active as a freelance artist, matured, the artist is practicing art again. 2015 he got the Swiss citizenship. He completed successfully his first artist-in-residence in the FAAP (Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado – Oct. to Dec. 2018) in São Paulo, Brazil.

He completed his second artist residency in the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, China (Dec. 2019 – Feb. 2020), with an Open Studio.

From his third successful artist residency at CoGalleries in Berlin, an interview came out where he talks about his project.
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Invitation from Swatch to participate in the Biennale of Venice 2022 

New challenges will follow. 

Biennale of Venice 2022

My work is often inspired by contrasts and challenges. invited by SWATCH, I juxtaposed the lion of Venice in front of the bust of Napoleon.


In my project „Ancient of Today“, I transpose characters of Greek mythology in our age. I took notice that the human being in cyber-age has the same needs as people of former times. Mankind has maintained the same patterns of behaviour since antiquity, which have changed in the course of time in form, but not in quality of experience. The thirst for adventure, the hunger for power, the fear of death, the fear of loneliness, the urge to explore, the passion for love also belong to our lives. We are currently experiencing the digitization of the world.

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the headlines of the newspapers want that we become petrified like the medusa


Photographic essays with the sixteen gods of the Greek pantheon.


“Once upon a time was a street...”

Showing of being a child as a street child

Eros of things

Objects that people desire

Nudes 1

Nudes together with an object


GLAUBE (faith)

What do you believe in?


Human being at the border


Four views of a reality combined into one composition



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