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As an artist, I mostly work with the symbolism that characterizes the objects. My works often emerge as “projects”. For every project there is a basic idea, a motivation, which I then implement.

Projects completed

“Once upon a time was a street...”

Project status: "Completed"

Invitation from an association to create an exhibition for its jubilee. Chosen topic: street children.

Medium: B&W photography, a type of photo reportage. Intention: To show the childhood in the street children.

Eros of things

Project status: "Completed"

Inspiration: Book "Hedonism" by Gerhard Schulze Trigger: Objects that people desire. Six men, six women / perfect bodies without a face (no identity) Figurative, glazed images; strong varnish All pictures are in oil and have the same format: 70x100cm O nome dos quadros (primeiro em alemão, depois em português, e depois em inglês): Antiquariat (Antiquário): antiquary Auto (Carro): car Blumenstrauss (buquêt): floral bouquet Buch (Livro): book Computer (computador): computer iPhone (mesmo em port e inglês) Lampe (Lustre): lamp Parfum (perfume): perfume Porzellan (Porcelana): Porcelain Schmuck (Jóia): juwellery Schuhe (Sapatos): shoes Tasche (Bolsa): bag


Project status: "Completed"

Nudes with an object Fotos: Plakat (cartaz da exposição): Poster of the exhibition Narziss (Narciso): Narcissus Fleisch (Carne): Meat Bild (Quadro): Picture Schwangerschaft: Pregnancy Sirene (sereia): Siren Stacheldraht (arame farfado): Barbwire Feste Beziehung (relação seria): Solid relationship Calla (flor copo-de-leite): calla lily Schönheit in Frischhaltefolie (beleza em conserva): beauty in clingfilm

Projects in progress


Project status: "in development"

Trigger: translate in artworks my experiences as a therapist, what I lived and experienced in a psychiatric hospital. The mental Illness Fotos (as três com o mesmo titulo): Histeria (histeria): hystheria


Project status: "in development"

Basic idea: to combine four views of the same reality into a composition Fotos (uma única, mostrando um Quadro tipo camuflagem) Dschungel (selva): jungle


Project status: „in development“

Trigger: what is faith today? Investigating different meanings about faith and about religion.