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Ancient of Today

In my project „Ancient of Today“, I transpose characters of Greek mythology in our age. I took notice that the human being in cyber-age has the same needs as people of former times. Mankind has maintained the same patterns of behaviour since antiquity, which have changed in the course of time in form, but not in quality of experience. The thirst for adventure, the hunger for power, the fear of death, the fear of loneliness, the urge to explore, the passion for love also belong to our lives. We are currently experiencing the digitization of the world.

Graphic Body

The art project «Graphic Body» is a project about Environment, of which the photo and picture series „Consumer“ is a part. The “Consumer Series” project includes 38 topics that affect both indigenous and white societies. For each of these topics, there are two pictures which are hung up in pairs: a painted picture next to a photo. Both contain the same motif. On the left a picture I have painted on a grey background (connection to B&W photography), in which I integrate the respective graphic drawing in a composition, painted in black, white and red (the colours that the indigenous people most often use for their body painting). On the right side a B&W photo in which the respective element is highlighted. A man and a woman, overweight, act as models, in the meaning of „representatives of a society that eats more than it can digest“.   


I come from a rigorous religious background. As a child, becoming an artist meant being connected to the tradition of sacred art. Making a chapel for me means making an homage to my personal story and where I come from. I conceived the idea to set up a “chapel”, transforming a warehouse or a gallery room into a mystical place.